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About me

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For more than 20 years I have been working with women of all ages to help them create change and achieve what they really want in their lives.

They all have something in common. They are stuck! They know they want to make a change, achieve a goal or solve a problem but they’re not getting there on their own.  With a dose of curiosity and some good humour thrown in I help them get where they want to go, in their way and often quicker than expected!


I love helping women succeed.  My joy comes from seeing my clients go from a place of “I’m stuck” to “Aha.. I can see where I’m going and know how I’m going to get there”!


Before coaching, I worked in a global corporation managing a national programme for organisation change and transformation. It was this job that sparked my desire to work with people to help them create more fulfilling lives and be happier!


​Originally from Scotland, I’ve lived and worked in many countries and have been through countless transitions with the need to adapt to change.  


On a personal level I like to balance a healthy lifestyle with a good glass of wine.  I enjoy all sorts of regular exercise, travel, reading and hanging out with my friends, my family and my dog.


If you’re ready to go from “I’m stuck” to “Aha” … get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!



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