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K.D, Fitness & Pilates Instructor
Jávea, Spain

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for a “thinking session” with Lynne.  I wanted to focus on an issue that had been popping up for years.  Afterwards I felt like I wasn’t really sure what had happened! It was like a spring clean for my head. It created space for new thoughts and helped me declutter.  I could finally get rid of my “brain fog” and look honestly at what was going on.  It was like looking at a jigsaw puzzle and seeing all the pieces suddenly fit together.  I was able to make a really big decision, quickly. Looking back after months I realised what a huge difference it made to so many areas of my life. 

S.H, Account Director on International Relocation, Spain
J.M, Business Coach, Surrey, UK

The coaching relationship allowed me to focus on me and my business; to think about the direction I wanted to take and to put in place a plan and steps to get there.  It saved me lots of time, money, and stress!  Thanks Lynne!

 L.Y, Senior Pilates Tutor
Edinburgh, Scotland

After a traumatic period in my life which affected me personally and professionally I found myself at a loss as to what my next step should be. I was fortunate enough to receive offers of work but very much at a loss regarding the right direction and could not make a decision. 

Lynne helped me focus on my abilities, skills and goals. Lynne reminded me of what I had accomplished in my career and what skills I had, and gave me the confidence to move forward. I felt full of confidence and had renewed motivation. 

Lynne is very personable and a great listener.  She really paid attention to my concerns and then broke down the process to manageable chunks to keep me on track.

I found working with Lynne a very positive experience which helped me in my personal happiness and career success. I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone who wants support to clear their head and make decisions to move forward.

M.C, Location Scout, Berlin, Germany

I really enjoy my coaching sessions with Lynne.  I’ve done both online and face to face and in all sessions I’ve come out feeling lighter and more confident about myself.  Lynne asks the right questions and has a good sense of humour. I first turned to her a year ago when I had doubts about where I was going with my career and I haven’t stopped seeing her since! In that time I landed a new job that I love.

M.Y, Grad student,
London, UK

Coaching with Lynne has given me an automatic support network.  A place where I know we will come up with a solution and I don’t have to tackle things alone. It is teaching me how to think about things in a different way and giving me skills to tackle situations I would otherwise find hard/uncomfortable/stressful etc.


It is helping me focus in on who I am and what I want from my life. It is also a place where I can bounce how I look at things off of someone else and understand them in a different (and more positive) way. Once an understanding of how and why I do/feel/think is formed and I then work to put in place new mechanisms, habits and thinking to counteract them, or any issues arising from them, to get more out of life. 


In coaching you learn the type of things you would otherwise look back at when you're older and say, 'I wish I'd have known that back then.

C.R, Switzerland

I think one of the things Lynne does best is get people "unstuck".  I can't remember much of the detail of what we talked when I had my first coaching session, but I do know I've never revisited that matter again.  Lynne basically moved me on from where I was at that time, to “Ok dealt with that, don't need to be hung up on it any longer".  Most of us have the same thoughts running through our heads all the time - how do we stop that?  I think that is something Lynne really, really helps with.  She listened, and she gave me the space to look at what I was feeling and thinking.  She asked questions that allowed me to look at things differently, or maybe it was just to see things more clearly. Not rocket science you could say, but not something I was doing, or was able to do, for myself. 

E. W, Transformation Coach, Turin

Lynne and I have been peer coaching for a while now. I love it and always look forward to my turn for coaching. Lynne’s gentle and supportive manner leaves me regularly astonished at how she manages to transform what looks like a huge challenge for me into a productive, actionable, non-scary way to move forward. I love how she picks up on what is important. Even when I don’t see it for myself and I really love how she’s so personable and approachable, which helps me to be able to see myself and my own foibles more clearly. Huge Kudos to Lynne, I would recommend her to.. well…anyone!

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